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Featured Project - Monkeyman

Featured Project:  Monkeyman

Even as a child Monkeyman displayed a unique passion and talent for music. His professional musical career really took off when he combined those attributes with his collaborative skills, working with great artists on an international scale.

In 2014 he was introduced to Swedish songwriter and producer Ken Bauer and they collaborated on the song “The Magic Word.” Within two weeks of its release in mid-March the song had climbed to number 20 on the Swedish Top 40, and earned 8th place on the Swedish Dance Top 40. Currently Monkeyman and Bauer are working on new projects together and looking forward to more exciting releases.

Find out more about Monkeyman and listen to the funky anthem "Work It Out" featuring funky vocals by D'Layna here



Featured Blog: Beauty, Brains & Talent

Cold China Sky by Dedalena

She’s talented! She’s down to Earth. She’s a label owner. And Guess What? She’s an amazing dance music artist.

I’m talking about Gabriella de Fazio aka Dedalena, co-owner of MorenLoud Records. If you’ve ever dreamed of rocking the music industry, chances are that Gabriella has been there, made it and bought the t-shirt.

As a business owner and dance music artist myself, I was immediately drawn to Gabriella’s perseverance and tenacity to reach for the stars and release top notch music on the co-owned label. Everything is top notch, including the brilliant producers, which are artists on the label. For them, music is like a flame that can’t be extinguished and it is this passion that fuels their desire to continue to produce quality music for the masses...read more here



Does Your Music Need More Plays? We Can Help!

With new artists emerging every day and music releases flooding every music platform that exists, the chances of your music getting discovered or listened to may be getting slimmer by the day. And, it doesn't help that the music market is pretty saturated. If you’re lucky enough to have a huge following your chances are much better. But for the rest of us, it seems our music goes into some mysterious black hole. As artists ourselves at Vocal Downloads, we understand your frustrations.

With over 34,000 followers and over 1 million plays on SoundCloud, we decided to test the waters and repost music that includes our vocals, while featuring the artists' full name. The results exceeded our expectations, as well as our customers. Some gained up to 5,000 plays while picking up some new followers. And while we can’t promise anyone multi-platinum sales or a flash mob of new followers, we can guarantee you will get heard.

If you want your music heard by a wider audience, simply add the Vocal Downloads artists’ full name as a feature to your title and contact us through SoundCloud with a link to your masterpiece at www.soundcloud.com/vocaldownloads. Leave the rest to us!


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Give your vocal samples your unique spin...

Vocal Download’s very own, D’Layna, explains how you can manipulate your vocal samples much as you do your music samples. Through effects like filtering, tempo changes, chopping your samples and even changing keys; you can enhance your music with your own original vocal sound. She even offers up some specific examples of how you can create a unique sound with Vocal Downloads samples.

Check out her new blog Reworking Vocal Samples Into Something Original

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