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Vocal Downloads has been a staple in my bag of tricks for a very long time. I consider the site an “instrument” with the rest of my arsenal. The variety of styles adds that extra flavor, whether it is the intensity, groove or mood in general. When I’m looking for that final vocal “it” factor, it’s easy to listen to the different samples on their website and experiment until I get it just right. AND, I don’t have to rob a bank to do it either. It’s a great service for a great price. Thanks Vocal Downloads!

The possibility to go through individual vocal samples and listen to them while having your track playing on the background is the best way to find the right one. The Vocal Downloads website allows me to do just that. Then you just pay for the ones you want and not the ones you don’t. I save a lot of money this way. Plus I don't believe I'd ever use ALL of the samples included in a vocal sample pack from another store.

Graham Barber - Phat Playaz
Producing a song featuring vocals is one of the hardest things to do in dance music, you really have got to get it right. The selection available on Vocal Downloads extremely helps in the production. So many samples from all genres to work with, amazing.. My recent work "You said what" is using "Cooley vocals - Dem said what" which will be released on my next EP.

I personaly would like to thank everyone at Vocal Downloads for this amazing site. This is my favorite site at the moment, most projects I work on now does involve me checking you out! All the very best to all the team. Many thanks, Graham barber aka Phat Playaz

Vocal Download was very helpful in the production of “Rhythm Love”. Actually the instrumental was sitting around fully finished for months while we looked for the perfect vocals to give it warmth and depth. Thanks to Vocal Downloads we were able to put the cherry on top of our idea.

Rene Jim van Ewijk
I was suprised to see that some internet sites do live up to their promises. The quality of the samples is amazing. The way they interpreted my email request for suggested samples and recorded it into vocals made the samples in such a way that it is useful to mix into different styles and for many projects to come. The guys from Vocal Downloads Support showed me not all online services are as bad as we think. Even the online support was quick and practical. If I had to give a grade between 0 and 10 I'd give these guys a 9!

Colin Sands
I'm a keyboard player/music arranger. I do arrangements for songwriters and rehearsal tracks for music theatre groups. Everyone wants a fast turnaround (for a budget price). I play nearly all the parts live using VSTs with rex samples for percussion. The Ooo backing vocal soundfonts have let me quickly create something that sounds good in a few minutes and which sits very well under the main vocal. This is the product I've been looking for (for a long time).

Ian Green(Producer, Programmer, Mix Engineer for Paul Oakenfold)
Vocal Downloads has been a real God send. The ease of use, QUALITY, and variety are second to none giving me Top Dollar samples buy the Bucket Load! They really helped our Production on the latest Carlos Santana Remix. Thanks a Bunch!

Michael-John Toste - michaeljohntoste.com
“Can’t tell you what a terrific resource this is for songwriters, producers, singers and anyone who wants to use their creative juices to get a hot sound with pre-recorded vocals-- within moments. Vocaldownloads.com -- has so much great vocal samples to select from and is continually updating even more vocal styles and interpretations that fit just about every groove and move in the music scene. I would highly recommend this incredible resource to anyone who is serious about creating music that doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, and offers great quality for just about any recording application. Go for it!”

Paul Eugene - www.givinghimpraise.com
Thank you so much. You just do not know how much of a help Vocal Downloads have been to me. I produce and host a fitness show on cable and I wanted to do a gospel work out. But I did not have any vocals. I contacted one music source and they wanted to charge me $300 to use a song they composed using your lyrics. I declined and while surfing the net, I found Vocal Downloads and put the music and lyrics together myself. Here is a link to you tube where I have 8 minutes of footage from the show featruring your lyrics and music pack Giving Him Praise YOUTUBE.

Davidson Ospina - www.ospinamusic.com
I wanted to produce something with a new, fresh and uplifting catchy vocal . Nothing seemed to work right in the production. Until I searched on Vocaldownloads.com where I was so inspired with many vocals samples to choose from. I Found the perfect hook and I am happy to say that the record is now on my record label Ospina Digital Records called Davidson Ospina & D'Layna 'Ladadi(dada)' ready for release this year and DJ's around the world are already promoting it in their clubs and radio shows. I love vocaldownloads.com.

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