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CHORUS PACKS contain individual notes of harmonies so the music producer has control of both the vocal blend and mix. Includes bounced mixes.

Chorus Packs are a great tool for the Hip Hop musician who needs a chorus to beef up production; or the composer who only needs a chorus for his or her film, television or video production; or the Jazz artist who wants to showcase an instrument, but needs a fresh chorus to give it life. The possibilities are endless with this powerful tool.

4 samples in the category "Chorus Packs"

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Expand CP - Sun Shining in My Eyes Listen to acapella vocal sample - CP - Sun Shining in My Eyes Stephanie Samaniego 99 FMaj $19.99
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Lyrics:CHORUS PACK SunShiningInMyEyes_LeadVocal_99bpm_FMaj SunShiningInMyEyes_BackingVox1a_99bpm_FMaj SunShiningInMyEyes_BackingVox1b_99bpm_FMaj SunShiningInMyEyes_BackingVox2a_99bpm_FMaj SunShiningInMyEyes_BackingVox2b_99bpm_FMaj SunShiningInMyEyes_BackingVox3a_99bpm_FMaj SunShiningInMyEyes_BackingVox3b_99bpm_FMaj SunShiningInMyEyes_BackingVox4a_99bpm_FMaj SunShiningInMyEyes_BackingVox4b_99bpm_FMaj SunShiningInMyEyes_BackingVox5a_99bpm_FMaj SunShiningInMyEyes_BackingVox5b_99bpm_FMaj SunShiningInMyEyes_BackingVox6a_99bpm_FMaj SunShiningInMyEyes_BackingVox6b_99bpm_FMaj SunShiningInMyEyes_BackingVox1MIX_99bpm_FMaj SunShiningInMyEyes_BackingVox2MIX_99bpm_FMaj SunShiningInMyEyes_BackingVox3MIX_99bpm_FMaj SunShiningInMyEyes_BackingVox4MIX_99bpm_FMaj SunShiningInMyEyes_BackingVox5MIX_99bpm_FMaj SunShiningInMyEyes_BackingVox6MIX_99bpm_FMaj SunShiningInMyEyes_FULLMIX_99bpm_FMaj DEMO...
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Vocal sample recorded to music in the key of FMaj
Length (sec): 43.0
File size: 5.2 Mb
Hits: 12
Categories: Chorus Packs
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Expand CP - Love On My Mind Listen to acapella vocal sample - CP - Love On My Mind Becky Willard 70 E Flat $14.99
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