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Even as a child Monkeyman displayed a unique passion and talent for music. His professional musical career really took off when he combined those attributes with his collaborative skills, working with great artists on an international scale.

Today Monkeyman is busy creating multilayered tracks that showcase his diverse musical background and his extraordinary talent for weaving vocals, instrumentation, and rhythmic danceable beats.

Work it Out feat. D'Layna   Listen to acapella vocal sample - Work it Out feat. D'Layna

"Work It Out" is available at iTunes on The House of J. Monkey EP

Get your copy HERE



How did you find Vocal Downloads?

I discovered Vocal Downloads on the Internet while doing a Google search for singers and samples.

How has using our vocal samples changed the dynamics of your workflow, budget and the material you produce?

The quality of the artists and the quality of the recordings is far superior to others I've found. With a little creativity you can build songs and rearrange them again and again. It is simply fantastic and very inexpensive, but the quality is fabulous! I use it to add some kick to my songs or when writing songs with other artists.

Can you tell us what is in the works and what can we expect in the future from Monkeyman?

I will continue to use the samples from Vocal Downloads, perhaps while incorporating my own ideas. I'm currently working on several songs for an LP with a Swedish producer, for instance, and intend to use Vocal Downloads samples for that project. As far as the future goes, it is still unwritten!


Monkeyman was born into a family of artists in Hungary, and his musical life began with piano lessons at the young age of six. By the age of eight he was learning to play cello, and soon Monkeyman was studying guitar and taking singing lessons. When he was 14 he founded his first band, and before too long he found himself working with famous Hungarian musicians as a songwriter.

During the early years of his career, Monkeyman’s main influences included bands like Kiss and The Sweet, while later on artists such as Michael Jackson, Duran Duran, and EWF had a strong impact on him. But Monkeyman is open to all kinds of music and musical ideas and his slogan has always been, “There is no bad music, only music that is made badly.”

For a while Monkeyman ventured into a solo career, eventually moving to Germany where he played professionally in clubs and discos before withdrawing from the music business due to personal circumstances. Then in 2012 he returned, releasing several singles and EPs and starting to incorporate vocal samples he found on VocalDownloads.com.

In 2014 he was introduced to Swedish songwriter and producer Ken Bauer and they collaborated on the song “The Magic Word.” Within two weeks of its release in mid-March the song had climbed to number 20 on the Swedish Top 40, and earned 8th place on the Swedish Dance Top 40. Currently Monkeyman and Bauer are working on new projects together and looking forward to more exciting releases.


Website:   www.monkeyman-music.com/
Twitter:   www.twitter.com/jmonkeymanmusic
Google+:   https://plus.google.com/109088348633283961906/posts

YouTube Channel:   www.youtube.com/user/L251357/videos
SoundCloud:   www.soundcloud.com/monkeyman-music
Beatport:   www.beatport.com/search?query=monkeyman

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