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You will never incur a transaction fee when you use our Download Credits to purchase a vocal sample and/or related products from the Vocal Downloads library. Most payment sites level a charge each time you use their service to complete a purchase, but our Download Credits allow us to cover the transaction expense for you. That means you never have to pay extra.

Save with Download Credits!

You can begin adding Download Credits to your Vocal Downloads account for as little as $10. Use them all at once or save them for the future!

If you're ready to discover why Vocal Downloads is the new best friend of hitmaking producers and club-filling DJs around the world, purchase Download Credits now and start browsing our collection of top-quality, clearance free, royalty-free samples.

Learn more about Buying Download Credits!

1. What are Download Credits?
2. How do Download Credits save me money?
3. Where do I purchase Download Credits?
4. How do I use my Download Credits?

What are Download Credits?

Download Credits are non-refundable credits that you use like money to purchase vocal samples and/or products from Vocal Downloads. Download Credits are stored in your account and provide convenience and savings. The credits are each valued at $1 USD and the first purchase must be for a minimum of $10. Subsequent purchases can be made in increments of $5 or more as long as you have a credit balance. As long as you have credits in your Vocal Downloads account, they will be set as the default payment option when you purchase products on our web site. Your balance of Download Credits can be found in your member profile.

How do Download Credits save me money?

Using Download Credits means you don't need to complete your Vocal Downloads purchase through PayPal, which often charges transaction fees when you use its services. If you pay for your samples with Download Credits, Vocal Downloads will cover 100% of the transaction expense for you.

Where do I purchase the Download Credits?

Buy Download Credits Now" or purchase them by logging into your profile and clicking on the "Download Credits" button.

How do I use my Download Credits?

1. Add samples to cart

2. Click "View Cart" located at the bottom of the site on black bar.This takes you to checkout page.

3. Agree to terms by checking box

4. Click on checkout button. You will be taken to download page to download samples.

If your sample purchase is more than your Download Credit balance you will be taken to Paypal for the difference.

Should you close download page before downloading files, you can download samples from "Order History" also located in your profile

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